WaterWorld: Example applications

The following are applications of WaterWorld by us or by partners. Some take the form of links to reports summarising a significant body of work, others are simple applications of the tool produced within an hour of work.

See example application blog posts by users of this tool here

  1. Water quality impacts of mining in Bolivia (application with World Bank Quality Assurance and Compliance Unit)

  2. Evaporation mapping for Hawaii (application with University of Hawaii)

  3. Water based ecosystem services for the Shivapuri National Park, Nepal and the impacts of deforestation and forest conservation(application with Birdlife International and University of Cambridge)

  4. Quantifying the water based ecosystem services of the Eastern Arc Mountains (application with University of Cambridge Valuing the Arc project)

  5. Integration with CIAS CLIMGEN climate scenarios for understanding hydrological impacts of climate change (application with Tyndall Centre)

    1. Application to impacts of land use change in the of the Colonche mountains cloud forests of Ecuador: the contribution of fog and impacts of deforestation (for University of Cambridge)

  6. Water balance of Yemen (for UK CEH)

    1. Impacts of land use change for Ecuadorean dry forest and potential for the development of a water fund (for TNC)

    2. PES schemes for Lago Apanas Nicaragua: trade-offs between water and carbon (for IADB)

    3. Water balance for the Pantanal and implications of upstream land use change (for WWF)

    4. Flood modelling in Haiti: identifying high risk populations (for mapaction.org)

  1. Use by World Bank GEF in: Adaptation of Nicaragua's Water Supplies to Climate Change see here

  2. Use by UNDP in: Review of the Guiana Shield Priority Setting Outcomes: see Narrative Report see here

  3. Use by Birdlife International in their ecosystem service priority setting for Nepal under DEFRA Darwin Initiative project: see here

  4. Use by Conservation International for US EPA Sustainable biofuels project: water resource impacts of biofuels see here

  5. Use by UNEP-WCMC in their EBA Guidance: see here

  6. Use by Conservation International in post disaster relocation of the town of Gramalote to minimise impacts on ecosystem services: see here

  7. Baseline hydrology and impacts of climate change in the glaciated Santa Basin, Peru, for CGIAR

  8. Potential impacts of mining on downstream water quality in the Coello basin, Colombia for CGIAR

  9. Scenarios for deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon and their hydrological impacts

  10. Impacts of adoption of eco-efficient agriculture on improving water quality, Coello basin see here. For CGIAR.

  11. Impacts of the development of new protected areas and their afforestation on downstream water resources, Coello basin see here. For CGIAR.

  12. Impacts of the expansion of mining in existing concessions, Coello basin see here. For CGIAR.

  13. Impacts of increasing rural sanitation capacity on downstream water quality, Coello basin see here. For CGIAR.

  14. Impacts of projected climate change on water resources to urban areas, India, see here

  15. Impacts of land use change on water resources in Madagascar, for ESPA

  16. Coello, Colombia: understanding the impacts of mining, for CGIAR

  17. Sudan, impacts of climate change on water resources and agricultural potential

  18. Conservation agriculture scenarios for western Zambia and their impacts on water quality

  19. Implications of recent large-scale land use change in the Paraguayan Chaco on local and downstream water

  20. Climate change impacts using multi-model GCM ensemble in a glaciated landscape of Peru: the impact on rainfall uncertainity

  21. Evaluating land management options (riparian buffer strips, bench terracing, fanya juu, check dams) for avoiding sedimentation at dams, Tanzania (with RSPB)

  22. The impacts of reducing industrial and urban contaminant emissions on downstream water quality, Colombia

  23. The impacts of reducing domestic water use on downstream water resources and quality, Colombia

  24. Investigating the food-water-energy nexus in Colombia

  25. Investigating the impacts of livestock waste management on downstream water quality and diarrhoeal health: Tanzania

  26. The impacts of PES schemes for investment in water treatment: Colombia and Nepal

  27. The impacts of dams on water resources, sedimentation and water regulation globally

  28. The potential impact of of wetland drainage and flow diversion through the Sudd canal in South Sudan

  29. Water impacts of expanding mining and oil and gas activity in concessions throughout Latin America (for CGIAR and CDKN)

  30. Pipeline leakage and its impacts on water quality in Ecuador (with PetroEcuador)

  31. Impacts of population growth and migration on ecosystem service provision and water resources (for UK Foresight programme)

  32. Multistressors (climate, land use change, mining, oil and gas and poopulation growth) and their interaction in Peru's hydrological future

  33. Impacts of land use change and mining on water quality and quantity to the communities of the Alto Putumayo

  34. Water and water productivity in Central America

  35. Advising the Rio Daule Water Fund with WaterWorld and RIOS

  36. An ecosystem services scoping study for the Volta basin

  37. Investment scenarios for Paute, Ecuador

  38. Monitoring impacts of deforestation on hydrology of Magdalena basin for EartH2Observe project