A sophisticated process-based spatial fog interception and montane hydrology model with particular relevance to tropical montane cloud forests

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Developers: King's College London (models), AmbioTEK (software), VUA (application)

Associated project(s): DfID R771 Fog Interception and Enhanced Streamflow in Tropical Areas

Focus: a research model to quantify fog inputs in absolute terms and as a proportion of rainfall.

Commonly applied to tropical montane cloud affected forests. Also maps the distribution of these forests.

Intellectual property: Please do not redistribute or publish on the internet any data or results from these systems in raw GIS form without prior permission from us. We need to ensure that our data provider's licenses are adhered to. If you intend to publish results from this system in the academic literature please send a draft of the paper to us before submission so that we can ensure that the interpretation is appropriate. If you intend to use this system extensively to deliver the outputs of a funded research project, please talk to us before submitting the proposal. To contact us: click here.

Geographical coverage: global

Spatial resolution: 10 degree tiles @ 1km resolution or 1 degree tiles @ 1-hectare resolution

Temporal resolution: Monthly for baseline (1950-2000) and scenario

Development status:

History: TAMMOD developed 1998, modified for FIESTA model 2004

Version 1: complete


The version 1 model has a basic water balance. Version 2 incorporates soil erosion, deposition and a snow and ice model, see here

Standard version 1

Key users: Valuing the Arc project, Birdlife International (DEFRA), Conservation International, see here

Documentation: see here or view powerpoint demo

Key references: Mulligan and Burke (2005); Bruijnzeel, Hamilton and Scatena (2010); Bruijnzeel, Mulligan and Scatena (2011)

Liability: King's College London and AmbioTEK CIC provide these systems without warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We shall not be made liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive or exemplary damages resulting from the use of this software.