Conservation trade-offs for Colombia

Co$ting Nature 2.43 was used to examine the top 12% priority areas on the basis of biodiversity, ecosystem services, threat and delphic conservation priority for Colombia

The top 12% of areas for the bundle of realised ecosystem services (Total realised services including water, carbon, nature based tourism and hazard mitigation services) is different to the top 12% for biodiversity (Relative richness and endemism for redlisted mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds), delphic conservation priority (Conservation priority by overlap of EBAs (Birdlife), Global200 Ecoregions (WWF), Hotspots (CI), Last of the Wild (WCS,CIESIN), Important Bird Areas (Birdlife) and Key Biodiversity areas (IUCN, BI, PI,CI)) and on the basis of threat (Future threat according to accessibility, proximity to recent deforestation (MODIS), projected change in population and GDP, projected climate change, current distribution of nighttime lights).

Trade-offs therefore need to be made to protect the most important areas on multiple metrics.