Self-paced training

Here you find a series of narrated video demonstrations at different user-levels and in different languages that will help in self-paced training. 

Watch the videos and follow the analyses done using your own PSS account. These can also be used to understand how specific functions and analyses are used. Note that demos at user levels higher than scientist will have menus and functions that are additional to those available at scientist or policy option level of access. 

The series of links below each video can be used to take you top specific parts of the training.

PSS function by function

Co$ting Nature including:
Costing Nature (and WaterWorld) Presentation
Demonstration. User-level: scientist. (Focus area: Colombia)
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser. (Focus area: Colombia)
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser. (Focus area: Madagascar)
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser. (Focus area: Kenya)
Demonstration. User-level: megauser.  (Focus area: Peru 1km resolution)

WaterWorld including:
WaterWorld (and Co$tingNature) Presentation
Demonstration. User-level: scientist.  (focus area: Colombia)
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser (focus area Colombia)
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser. (focus area Madagascar) 
Demonstration. User-level: hyperuser. (focus area Cauca Valley, Colombia 
Demonstration. User-level: megauser (commercial). (Focus area: Peru 1km resolution)
Demonstration. User-level: megauser. (Focus area: Colombia 1km resolution). Progressive (deforestation) scenarios

Co$ting Nature including:
Co$ting Nature (and WaterWorld) presentation
Demonstration. User level: scientist (focus area: Peru 1km resolution)

WaterWorld including:
WaterWorld (and Co$ting Nature) presentation
Demonstration. User-level: scientist. Language: Spanish [with Co$ting Nature] (focus area: Peru)