Function by function (English)

Creating a free account
Logging in and choosing the interface: Scientist and Licensed User, creating accounts (0h38m24s)

Step 1: Define area

Step 1 Define area (0m40s)
Running an analysis over a named major basin (watershed)

Step 2: Prepare Data
Masking data (1h23m56s)
Masking an area by a region of interest (ROI) (2m28s)
Define (and mask by) watersheds of points (Regions of interest) (0h2m37s) 
Set your own land use data for baseline using system values (-) (0h11m46s)

    Conversion of forest to pasture a specific protected area

Set your own land use data for scenario through Step 4: policy exercise (0h13m57s)

Uploading AOIs (0h1m36s)

Step 6: Results stats
Results time series (1h51m41s)