Policy Support Systems

We believe that policy for sustainable development can be be better (more equitable and more effective) when based on the available scientific evidence.  We have thus focused on bridging the gap from scientific data and knowledge to policy and management decision-making by building and deploying data-intensive, science-based  spatial policy support systems which are delivered on these pages.  These PSS deliver science in a more actionable form.

 is home to a range of web-based policy support systems developed, since 2003, collaboratively by AmbioTEK CIC, and applied by  King's College London and a range of other partners as specified for each system.  The systems are based on the common ecoengine framework for developing web based policy support systems (AmbioTEK) and SimTerra databases (AmbioTEK) but are very varied in their applications (King's College London) .  Click the links for more information on and 
to access these systems. Take a look at and subscribe to our blog. Users and usage of these systems is described here.

  • FreeStation and //Smart: - Open source hardware design for connected, intelligent field sensors and monitoring stations for data assimilation, model validation

  • Eco:Actuary - Developed for the EC NAIAD project - a global, spatial catastrophe and catastrophe mitigation model for understanding value of losses due to natural hazards and impacts of climate and land use change or land management (esp. nature based solutions) on mitigation.

  • Co$ting Nature - A Collaboration with UNEP-WCMC, Co$ting Nature assesses the Ecosystem Services provided by landscapes across the world and provides policy support for the sustainable management of these services through definition of conservation priority.

  • MENARA - Developed for the EC MENARA integrated project, this system provides a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) for the world.

  • WaterWorld - This system provides water resources policy support for local to national scale water resources, water security and hydrological ecosystem services projects anywhere in the world.

  • AguAAndes - Developed for the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF) Basin Focal Project for the Andes (BFP-Andes),  this system provides policy support for water resources, water security and hydrological ecosystem services  projects in the Andes.

  • CompAndes - Developed for the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF),  this system (which is derived from AguaAndes) provides negotiation support for developing hydrological benefit sharing mechanisms in the Andes.  Developed for the CompAndes

  • DESURVEY - Developed for the EC DESURVEY integrated project, this system provides policy support for understanding the effects of land use and climate change upon processes of desertification and land degradation.


These maps show the distribution of users of these policy support systems over the last 12 months by city (excluding London) and by country (excluding UK).  Users and usage of these systems is also described here