The //Smart: system brings together low cost monitoring technology from FreeStation with the WaterWorld and EcoActuary Policy Support Systems to develop and deploy reliable, low maintenance continuous monitoring and short term forecasting. The //Smart: stations combine standalone or internet-connected monitoring of environmental properties with near-term weather forecasts alongside AI based near-term predictions and variable-specific analyses. The system is designed to better understand environments and the impacts of human interventions on them through a combination of monitoring, analysis and modelling. Analyses can be carried out on single stations or networks of them

To use //Smart: build a FreeStation, upload the FreeStation firmware, install a SIM, connect the battery to start collecting data. Generate a //Smart: console for your station here. Use the //Smart: API to access your data and carry out analyses as described here.  To manually upload data from a Freelay or SD card backup click here.

What is FreeStation? (0m21s)
Types of FreeStation (3m5s)
What is //Smart:? (4m7s)
How does //Smart: work? (6m10s)
Smart demo: basics (7m27s)
Smart demo: analysis: comparison of stage either side of an intervention (9m32s)
How do I start building? (12m5s)