If you already know - or wish to help find - commercial or non-commercial organisations who would benefit from using's tools, please sign up to our affiliates programme. This programme enables us to share the license income obtained with those who market these systems and secure licenses outside their own organisations.  As an affiliate you are rewarded to secure licenses and to support your licensees in the use of the systems.

What you can expect
  1. Sign up here to apply to join the programme.  If accepted, you will receive a unique URL which you should pass to organisations that you are working with and who wish to purchase a license.   Those organisations should use that URL to purchase their license.
  2. For all license purchases received through this URL we will share the  license income with you in the first year and in all subsequent years that the license is renewed.  
  3. Your share of the license income depends upon the user-level of the license (we prefer to have fewer users at higher levels than many at lower levels) and whether the license is for commercial use or non-commercial use.  Your share is highest in the first year (reflecting your input to secure the licenses and in initial support of the licensee) but is lower for all subsequent years that the license is renewed (reflecting reduced licensee support needs and our need to ensure that the systems meet user needs such that they will renew). 
  4. Please use the table below to calculate what you would receive for given licenses.  License costs are here.  For example securing a single non-commercial, superuser license would provide you with 20% of £500 = £100 in the first year and 10% of £500 = £50 for all subsequent years that the license is renewed.  Securing a single commercial use, megauser license would provide £50% of £8000 = £4000 in the first year, followed by £25% of £8000 = £2000 for each subsequent year that the license is renewed.  Payments are made quarterly for the licenses secured in that quarter.
  5. The percentages received by an affiliate are fixed at the rates set out in the table below at the time of a licensees first purchase of a license and will remain the same for all renewals of that license. These percentage may change over time, affecting new licenses only. If you join as an employee an organisation that you are an affiliate for (i.e. they are your licensee), your affiliate fees for that license have to stop.  We reserve the right to terminate relationships with affiliates (and thus affiliate fees) where the affiliate breaks the terms of the contract or intentionally brings into disrepute.

Level of access Non-commercial use license
Your share of license income (year 1)
Your share of license income (each subsequent year)
Commercial use license
Your share of license income (year 1)
Commercial use license
Your share of license income (each subsequent year)
 PolicyAnalyst 0 % (license is free) 0 % (license is free) 25% 15%
 Scientist 0 % (license is free) 0 % (license is free) 25% 15%
 Superuser20% 10% 25% 15%
 Hyperuser30% 15% 40% 20%
 Megauser30% 15% 50% 25%

What we expect
  1. You must have an understanding of the environment, of GIS, remote sensing, ecosystem services and water resources.
  2. You must understand  these systems well, have used them and be able to demonstrate their capability using the documentation, example applications and training materials on this website.
  3. You must understand the needs of those you are marketing to and how these systems might meet those needs and any limitations.
  4. Do not over-sell the capability of these systems.  Only promise what they are capable of doing.  We ask licensees what they wish to do with the systems during the purchase process and will not sell licenses if we feel that the systems cannot do what the licensee expects them to do.  
  5. You are rewarded to secure licenses and to support your licensees in the use of the systems for the period that they are licensed. Standard contracted support terms for licensees are as follows: email based technical support in using the system functions and basic interpretation of outputs.  Support requests are subject to a fair use policy of a maximum of 30 minutes support work per year per £1000 of license fee paid.  You are the first point of contact for supporting your licensees and are free to support them in other ways (visits, telephone, skype etc) as you see fit.  Any questions that you cannot answer should be forwarded to  Clearly if your licensees are supported well and the systems thus provide value, they are likely to renew. 
  6. In advance of opening talks with specific organisations who you will work with you must name them here so that we can avoid a number of affiliates approaching the same people/organisations concurrently. You do not need to list the name of the contact that you propose to approach but do need to list the organisation, department and city in which they are based.  If we are already working with the organisation, if they already have a license or if others are approaching the same organisation, you will be informed and will need to liaise.