Co$tingNature for nature-related financial risk disclosure (TNFD)


Co$tingNature for nature-related financial risk disclosure (TNFD) is an open-access, globally focused, simple, map-based interface to outputs from the Co$tingNature natural capital and ecosystem services policy support system. Ecosystem services are the benefits that we receive from wild nature. Co$tingNature is a widely used sophisticated, spatial policy support system for mapping and understanding natural capital and ecosystem services, biodiversity, current pressure on and future threats to nature.

CN4TNFD presents Co$tingNature metrics of relevance to the Taskforce for Nature Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD). These metrics focus on both risks to nature from commercial activity and risks of nature loss to commercial activity. It supports users of TNFD in delivering global, nature-related risk management and disclosure metrics on their commercial activities, for reporting and action.

CN4TNFD is focused on supporting businesses in elements of the TNFD LEAP (locate, evaluate, assess, prepare) framework to:

  • locate their interfaces with nature, by providing global interactive maps of biodiversity, natural capital and ecosystems services and tools for monitoring these at sites of direct or supply chain business activity;

  • evaluate their industry-specific dependencies on nature, based and the impacts of current or proposed business development footprints on risk to nature, in relation to other such risks, both directly and including supply chain;

  • assess the business risks of nature loss and any opportunities to reduce these risks, by providing spatially detailed data on the natural capital and ecosystem service impact of nature loss; and finally

  • prepare to respond, by providing location specific, actionable summaries of these key metrics

This open-access tool is provided, with support of a UKRI/NatureFinance seedcorn grant

Getting started with Co$tingNature for nature-related financial risk disclosure (TNFD)

Co$tingNature for nature-related financial risk disclosure (TNFD) is available here but is in development and so should be used only for testing purposes