Web-based training

Consulte esta página para obtener instrucciones en español/ See this page for instructions in Spanish

For our web-based training courses we use http://join.me/policysupport. You must have signed up for one of our courses (see counters on the left of this page).

Join.me requires a modern web browser but no installation of software.  You will only need to download and run this file. Please test if you can do that well before the training.  If your system does not allow you to download and run executable files like this then you will not be able to join the training.  In this case you could try downloading the zipped version for PC (here) or Mac (here) and unzipping it on your system before double-clicking it to run.

Join.me will work on PC and Mac but not Linux.  Please do not join the voice conference without a  headset.  Using laptop speaker and microphone instead of headset reduces the conference sound quality for yourself and for other participants.  If you have problems connecting on the day email or Google Talk to plcysupprt@gmail.com  

It is much better to connect from a wired network connection than a wireless network connection (which may drop out the voice from time to time).

Setting up may take up to 15 minutes so please start 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the training
We will go through this presentation (30 minutes) on the scientific background of the tools and how to use them.

To join the presentation simply http://join.me/policysupport  at the prescribed time and you will be asked to enter your name to join the meeting and will then  see  a web page showing the presenter's screen with the following control panel at the top (but /policysupport1 in the image may be /policysupport in your case).


Please join the voice meeting so that you can also hear the presentation and ask questions. To do this you need to click the telephone icon on the far left of the control bar and choose join by internet and then hit the download button (click only once - there will be a short delay before the download).  You will then be advised that downloading will let your voice be heard. Click download.  This will download the joinme.exe file.   Your browser may advise you that .exe files can be harmful but you should save the file and then double click it in your browser download window to run it.  It will not install software just run software.   Once the browser app is running you will have a control panel like that above outside of your browser. Go back to the phone icon in the control panel and then click connect to join the voice conference. You should then hear the conference through your headphones and be able to speak to other attendees through your microphone. If you get the message 'cannot connect to server' or the connecting step does not end, this means that your network has blocked access to the required port for joining by internet  (see notes) so please choose instead to join by phone. 

To join the voice meeting by PHONE/SKYPEOUT click this icon in the join.me software:  for the the list of international numbers. Dial the appropriate number for your country and when prompted enter the conference code given by the join.me panel (you will be charged by your telephone provider at national standard rates according to your call plan).  You will be able to see our screen on your computer and hear the training through your phone.  If you do not have access to a telephone you can use SkypeOut to call the relevant conference line.  The call should cost approximately USD 2.5 for the two hours so make sure you have at least that in SkypeOut credit.

We will mute you during the presentation but if  please click the chat icon (second from the left), move the chat window to the right away from the presenter screen and communicate via the chat window and we will unmute you if needed.

You will now see the presenters screen in a separate window outside of your browser.  This window can be resized or set to full screen.  To set to full screen choose the full screen icon at the top-right of the window.  Once in full screen you will see only the presenters computer and your control panel.  You can use ALT-TAB to flick back to your open windows or exit full screen mode by clicking the minimise control on the top right of your control panel.

Each person will be assigned a separate training server and test account on which to run the PSS.  These training servers and test accounts are not available after the course.  To use the system after the course set-up your own free account from the WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature pages.

For the presentation and the training you will each have your own server and training account on it. 
TRAINING GROUPS AND SERVERS: The  training server and training account that you are assigned to for the training course can be seen here. The trainer will take you through the use of the policy support system by sharing their screen and demonstrating use of the system.  You should follow the trainer on your computer with the training server url in the spreadsheet (column F for Co$ting Nature and E for WaterWorld) assigned to you.  You enter the PSS with the temporary test username and password assigned to you in Column G and H of the spreadsheet.  You may need to share your screen with the trainer so that s/he can answer questions or even pass control of your mouse to the trainer so that s/he can guide you through the steps. 

COURSE LEVEL 1 (90 minutes): We will work through this training exercise in Co$ting Nature and then this training exercise in WaterWorld.  If you fall behind the trainer then follow  these PDFs to catch up.
You will need to flick between the policy support system browser tab  and the join.me application where the trainer will be taking you through the process and helping as needed.

During this part of the training the microphones will remain unmuted so please keep background noise to a minimum and when asking questions introduce yourself so that it is clear who is asking.

To let the trainer view your screen to help you, you must become presenter.  If your network has not allowed you to join the voice conference by internet then likely you will not be able to share your screen either.  To do this click the mouse icon on the control panel (far right) and choose request presenter role.  When the trainer grants this your screen will be visible to all in your group:

To let the trainer take control of your screen when you are presenter already click the mouse icon on the control panel and under share control with choose the trainer:

4.  EXIT
To exit the training click the x in the top right hand side of the control panel and click yes when asked if you are sure.

Thank you for joining this training session.   If you have further questions in using the system please use the various support tools given in the system.


The join.me Voice over IP service (VoIP) uses the SIP standard. This may require the following ports and IP ranges to be opened in your firewall.
  • 5061-5100 TCP Outbound (SIP Signaling ports)
  • 7800-19799 TCP/UDP Oubtound (Voice Traffic ports)

These ports should be opened to a specific IP address range:  If you or your IT team cannot check or do this then join by phone.