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Colonche mountains

The Colonche mountains have upto 28% of their total water inputs derived from fog stripping even on an annual basis see in google maps http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/odZJS7X8vlzWpdTLSkaqFZlPykPxpC

Precipitation is very low in the dry season, see http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/zZTgkUxkX9U8O5zEnUpDNdqSQeycdq 
Fog inputs remain high in the dry season, see http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/nQezWBbxJj0Yf7Mq3KX34mCEnAmebp
so fog inputs are very important http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/VktDfQ2svlnnMlV3Ou23BU77lbvj42 (which is a tile average so much higher in some areas).  

A total deforestation scenario would lead to significant reductions in the fog contributions (see http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/mlu2aNrYCns7raKzYgQruocG9vUW3T) so less water in but also significant reductions to evap (see http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/sh2oMid9WfbxXOtujnpeDBc1Nf4e48) so more water out http://www.policysupport.org/userdata/AWUOeKY1VyBM91ZFYmn3yZCdRjxrDv except in a few mountainous cloud forest areas.