Training courses

Self-paced training courses
Recordings of Costing Nature and WaterWorld web-based demonstrations are available for self-paced training.  Go to WaterWorld or Co$ting Nature, create an account, sign in and then watch these videos and replicate the demo in your account.  Choose the demo associated with your level of access (license) to the systems.  

Self-paced training videos are available here.

You can also find other training materials on our training pages here:
WaterWorld: EnglishSpanishFrench
Co$ting Nature:  EnglishSpanishFrench

You can find materials from recent basin or country specific training courses here.

Assisting you to train others
If you have a project to build capacity in water security, water accounting, natural capital and ecosystem services evaluation or conservation prioritisation we can help you to deliver training courses by making training servers available, providing training materials for WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature and providing on-the-day online assistance.  Just get in touch