As part of the EC H2020 NAIAD project a series of real time flood alert gauges and Natural Flood Management (Nature Based Solution) monitoring systems have been installed in river basins throughout Europe.  These gauges are low cost, open source designs developed as part of the FreeStation project.  Below is live data from the gauge in the Blackwater.  Further data on these gauges can be found here.

Spains Hall Estate includes two tributaries o the Blackwater upstream of Finchingfield, a village prone to flooding of roads and properties.  Spains Hall, in partnership with the Environment Agency and DEFRA have installed one tributary with a series of leaky dams which allow floodwater onto water meadows to be slowly released after rainfall.  We have installed level sensors and soil moisture sensors above and below one of the dams and in the water meadow, to assess the operation of the dams and their contribution to mitigate the flooding downstream.  The other tributary has an enclosure for recently introduced Eurasian beavers who have built leaky dams.  Again we have one gauge upstream of the dams, just inside the enclosure, and one downstream of the enclosure.  We are also installing a third water level gauge just above the village downstream of the confluence of these two tributaries to measure the flow behaviour at the location of flood risk in relation to the volume retained by the Natural Flood Management interventions upstream.

Automatic weather station
Leaky log dam

Retention meadow

Beaver dam


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730497.

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