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In collaboration with Bioversity International, SNV and University of Ouagadougou  and, as part of the ESRC funded project  Pathways out of poverty for Burkina Faso's reservoir-dependent communities (ES/R002126/1), a series of real time river, reservoir and drought alert gauges  have been installed in rural areas of Burkina Faso using the FreeStation designs and the //Smart: platform.  These gauges are low cost, open source designs.  Further information on these gauges can be found here.  The data shows live hourly  water level in the reservoir, incoming stream and soil moisture under irrigated and ZAI cropping.  Live  air pressure and temperature data are also shown alongside a 5 day forecast of the same.

Reservoir level

Reservoir inflow level

Irrigated crop root zone

Zai crop  root zone

This project has received funding from UKRI (ESRC) under grant agreement No ES/R002126/1 project for Burkina Faso's reservoir-dependent communities with Bioversity International, SNV, Universite Ouagadougou and King's College London