Co$ting Nature (Spanish)

Co$ting Nature (and WaterWorld) presentation

Powerpoint presentation - Comparison with other ES tools (0m30s)
    Haciendo la ciencia accesible: Systema de Apoyo a Politicas de KCL (3m45s)
    Herramientos Web de apoyo a politicas de KCL (5m15s)
Co$ting Nature presentation - START (46m43s)
    CN Objectivos (47m6s)
    Que Hace CN? (49m28s)
    CN en Ecuado - prioridades de Conservacion. Linea Base y ES. (52m15s)
    Resumen de los resultados de CN (58m49s)

Demonstration. User level: scientist Language: Spanish  (focus area: Peru 1km resolution) [with WaterWorld]
Note that the menus and functions used at this user level may thus be different to those available at other levels of access.