Recent Basin or Country Specific Training Courses

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Here we provide materials from recent training courses delivered.  Trainees will need to access the training servers from the  Co$ting Nature  training and WaterWorld training pages respectively. 

Bhutan and Wang Chu Basin (Valuing Bhutan's Forests Project, funded by Watershed Management Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan)
    Materials here

The Volta Basin (Targeting agricultural innovation and ecosystem services management  (TAI) project, funded by CGIAR Water Land and Ecosystems programme)
    Materials here

Madagascar (p4ges - Can Paying for Global Ecosystem Services reduce poverty?, funded by NERC, DfID-ESRC ESPA)
    Materials here (EN) and here (FR)

Magdalena, Colombia Using WaterWorld to Understand Current and Future Water Resources Indices  (EartH2Observe project funded by EU FP7 programme)
Materials here (EN)

Conservation International deliver WaterWorld training to guide decision making for Mapping Natural Capital in Amazonia
WWF-Colombia training in WaterWorld for quantifying natural capital of protected areas
A learning exchange using WaterWorld for water and land resources based decision making in Nepal
The use of WaterWorld as a training tool for understanding risk and risk management
WaterWorld training to guide decision making on identifying green infrastructure to strengthen water security in Mexico City
WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature training in Indonesia
WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature training towards sustainable development in Colombia
Co$ting Nature and WaterWorld training course held at World Bank facility in Madagascar
WaterWorld helping with investment decision-making for Latin American Water Funds
Co$ting Nature and WaterWorld training session delivered at World Bank
WaterWorld and Costing Nature training courses delivered Manizales, Colombia and Sucre, Bolivia
Costing Nature and WaterWorld training at Universiti Brunei Darussalam
AguAAndes being used to advise Water funds with TNC

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