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Co$ting Nature Level 3 (economic valuation)

A training session can be followed here [note that if you are not in a formal training course then you should login with URLs beginning with www1 instead of training1 etc]:

LEVEL 3:  
PRACTICAL 1 Economic valuation in Co$ting Nature V3: a case study for Bhutan. Training slides (English)  [opens in Google docs viewer].

If you are in a formal group training course (as opposed to self-paced working from the examples) here are links to the training servers (these do not function outside of training courses, use the usual www1 servers i.e. this link and your own account  outside of formal training courses). 

Training servers [for use in courses only]:
If you want to make use of pre-prepared simulations then login to testaccount1 on each of the training servers, if the trainer requests it.

training1username: testaccount1
training2username: testaccount2
training3username: testaccount3
training4username: testaccount4
training5username: testaccount5
training6username: testaccount6
training7username: testaccount7
training8username: testaccount8
training9username: testaccount9
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training12username: testaccount12
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training14username: testaccount14
training15username: testaccount15
training16username: testaccount16
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training18username: testaccount18
training19username: testaccount19
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training21username: testaccount21
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training30username: testaccount30